Soll & Haben, s.r.o.

Kvetná 694/24
900 55 Lozorno

Tel: 0918 190 729
E-mail: jezova (at)

IČO: 44597649 (Company Registration Number)
DIČ: 2022759871 (VAT Number)

Income tax return production, annual accounts production, including statutory supplements

  • standard rate: from € 66.40 in single-entry bookkeeping
  • standard rate: from € 165.95 in double-entry bookkeeping

Wages Calculation Pricelist:

€ 9.95/employee/month

If you are interested in our services, we can prepare a price calculation for you, based on the submitted information on your line of business, number of vouchers (invoices in and out, cash vouchers, bank statements etc.) and employees (both, full-time and on the basis of an agreement).

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